Sunday, January 06, 2008

Briard in Repose

Briard in Repose is an oil painting on an 8 X 10 canvas.


I spent a wonderful holiday playing with oil. Although oil paint has some lovely qualities I still prefer acrylic. Sometimes I wonder what the 18th century Master Painters would have thought of acrylic. I bet they would have loved these paints. The paint is almost indestructible and dries fast. It forces an artist to be direct. The wonderful and terrible thing about oil is that you can putz around with it forever and lose all the spontaneity and emotion. I had to force myself to stop and let the Briard maintain it's impasto integrity. For the Briard painting I only used a palette knife which let me be more free with the rendering.

Giclee prints (8 inch X 10 inch) are available for $29.00. Click on the button below to purchase a print of the Briard in Repose.

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