Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Yellowstone Sandhill Crane" by Montana artist, Sandra Merwin

The Sandhill Cranes were only yards away from me during a walk in Yellowstone Park. I was quiet and they came even nearer. Then some tourists arrived with cameras. Each time a tourist would attempt to get closer to take a photo, they'd push the Sandhills a littler farther away. Until the Sandhills decided they'd had enough of people. Isn't it amazing how being still often allows the universe to come to you.
"Yellowstone Sandhill Crane" by Sandra Merwin

11 inch X 14 inch Acrylic Impasto (thick paint) on stretched canvas painting of Sandhill Cranes.
$175.00 for the original. To purchase the original, contact me at: impastoartist@yahoo.com

8 inch X 10 inch Giclee (prints) are available for $29.00. To purchase click the buy it now button below.

Giclee (print) 8 inch X 10 inch quality print available for $29.00. Click on the buy it now button below.

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