Friday, March 28, 2008

Sharp Shinned Hawk, Bird Art by Sandra Merwin

Sharp Shinned Hawk, Bird Painting, Art, Realism, by Sandra Merwin

The Sharp Shinned Hawk has become a regular in our backyard. Every week he shows up to get a sparrow for lunch. Although many cringe at the idea of a hawk killing a bird in our backyard, it is the way the natural world works. The hawk must work exceeding hard to get his lunch and often the sparrows get away. When the hawk does manage to catch a sparrow, he may sit for 20 minutes catching his breath from the exertion before he eats. He is truly beautiful. He flies with such beauty and so quickly that it is hard to track him.

Sharp Shinned Hawk

7 inches X 5 inches
20% donation to Old Dog Haven
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