Sunday, April 06, 2008

Montana Wild Mustangs, Horse Art, Painting, Watercolor, by Sandra Merwin

Montana wild horses are a passion of mine. My husband helps with the contraceptive program that "darts" wild horses with a contraceptive that prevents them from becoming pregnant for a season. This is a humane solution to many concerns about the size of the horse herd.

The painting shows the Eastern part of Montana where the land goes on as far as the eye can see. Often the mountains are only an hours drive away, but the high prairie seems to be endless when I am standing with my back to the Rockies. There are nine horses in this herd. This is a true miniature with exquisite watercolor detail on Yupo papaer.

Prior Mountain Wild Horses: Running Free

5 inch X 7 inch
Watercolor on Yupo
Comes matted in an oval mat ready for dropping into any 5 X 7 inch frame.
20% donation to HSUS NRRO
To purchase email:

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