Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Chickadee - SJ Merwin

Blue Chickadee - Bird Painting
Blue Chickadee SOLD - Bird Painting, painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
The chickadees are singing their mating song. They are in my backyard eating the sunflower seeds and looking at our bird houses to see if they meet their standards. I couldn't resist painting the chickadee today. Most painting of Chickadees are some version of black, white and green. But I wanted something different in the painting than the photo realistic chickadee painting as art. I wanted to render the little guy as almost an abstract or a Picasso-like line drawing that would capture the gesture. I didn't want to create a photo perfect bird, I wanted to create a gesture of a bird that is rendered well enough to be art.

Media: Mixed Media: Charcoal, Ink and Acrylic
Size: 5 in X 7 in (12.7 cm X 17.8 cm)
Price: $45 USD

How to Purchase:
send me an email

20% donation to HSUS NRRO

This painting is SOLD

The painting is sold

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