Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Horse Flight: Danger on the Prairie - Art by SJ Merwin

Horse Flight: Danger on the Prairie - Contemporary Western Art
Horse Flight: Danger on the Prairie - Contemporary Western Art, painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
This dynamic, contemporary colorful painting, "Horse Flight Danger on the Prairie" is a 50% donation to Montana Horse Sanctuary where a positive approach to horse issues is taught.It looks like the Horse Slaughter Bill may pass so we will need Montana Horse Sanctuary even more. Now don't get me wrong, I understand that old, sick horses may need to be euthanized. And that in America we need more choices about horses and end of life issues. But developing a horse slaughter plant owned by a company that has a past history of cruelty and pollution is not the solution. I was a consultant for many years to corporations. We always looked at past history as the indicator of future performance. The past history of this Horse Slaughter Company tells me more than I need to know.

Media: Mixed Media: Charcoal, Ink and Acrylic
Size: 16 in X 20 in (40.6 cm X 50.8 cm)
Price: $300 USD

How to Purchase:
send me an email

This painting is SOLD

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