Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Observer - Yellowstone Wolf, Impressionistic, Contemporary, Impasto, Animal Art, Canis Lupus

"The Observer" Wolf, Impressionistic, Contemporary, Impasto, Animal Art, Yellowstone

About This Painting:
Over the years, in Yellowstone Park I've watched those who are intensely focused on seeing the wolves. Yet, the wolf watches us in turn. Observing our actions toward his pack. Northern indigenous tribes believed the wolf was a gift. Their story about the origins of the Wolf goes like this: The tribe was starving because the caribou were sick and dying so they prayed to the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit told them to go to the ice and reach in and pull forth a gift that would help the tribe. When the Elder reached into the ice he pulled forth a wolf. The Wolf caught the slowest and sickest of the caribou and this stopped disease from spreading and the herd became healthy again.

Sometimes I wonder; is that which we consider the "wolf" in our lives actually a gift that will keep us healthy?

Media: Mixed Media - Oil
Size: 16 in X 20 in (40.6 cm X 50.8 cm)
Price: $800 USD

How to Purchase:
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