Saturday, October 09, 2010

Buffalo Power - Yellowstone Bison - Montana Artist - SJ Merwin

"Buffalo Power" Yellowstone Bison by Montana Artist

About This Painting:
This Powerful Bull was outside the Gate of Yellowstone Park when the evening was falling and the golden sunset made his fur turn shades of purple.

Creativity is often seeing things in new ways. Our brain holds images of what we see. These images tend to be shared across a population. Think of an icon for a carton of milk. If you grew up in the 50's your icon may be different than someone who grew up with plastic milk cartons. Our brain icons are formed with experience. Part of visual creative is tricking your brain to see beyond your icons.

When people who are not in the visual arts are asked to draw a man, they all draw similar stick figures. This is a good example of a shared icon. But we don't see stick figures when we look at a man. So trick your brain out of thinking in icons and really look around.

Take a moment as ask yourself what are you really seeing. In the case of the Buffalo - the setting sun turned him purple and I painted what I saw.

Media: Acrylic Impasto
Size: 16 in X 20 in (40.6 cm X 50.8 cm)

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