Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bucking Horse Fury - Contemporary Horse Art by Montana Artist

Bucking Horse Fury - Contemporary Horse Art by Montana Artist
Bucking Horse Fury - Contemporary Horse Art by Montana Artist , painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
Comments about this piece: "Unusual", "Emotional", "Energy jumps off the canvas", "With all the raw emotion, it's still a contemporary sophisticated Contemporary piece".

About"Bucking Horse Fury"

Today the wind is hitting gusts of 50 miles an hour. I saw a 20 foot blue spruce snapped in half from a wind sheer. In the art studio I can hear a roar that raises and lowers in pitch as the zephyr dances the trees near my window.

The wind reminds my of my first experience with a bucking fury. I was 15 and my father and I were looking at a young horse. We were considering the purchase of a gelding that had been advertised in the Havre, Montana paper . The horse was young but well trained the ad said. He was a good horse for children. It was a windy day so we couldn't get much done outside, so Dad decided to go and look over the horse.

My father took his time feeling his way over the horse's joints and muscles with his strong hand, then watched the owners 10 and 12 year old sons crawl on his back. I joined them in the sheltered corral and soon was hoisting myself up onto his back. My father noticed he had a flat tire on the pickup which he'd left in the large farm house turn around. He started changing the tire. After he took off the offending tired he leaned it against the box of the pickup.

The owner of the horse decided that I should ride the horse. He grabbed a old English saddle and strapped it on and moved the horse out into the turn around next to the pickup. Before I could protest I was boosted into the strange saddle. I'd always ridden a Western saddle with a pommel. I looked at the stirrups which were a foot too long for me and decided this wasn't a good idea. I was starting to bring my right leg in front of me to slide off when a gust of wind caught the tire that was propped up against the pickup. It blew over in front of the horse with a loud thud and the green broke horse started bucking with a fury I'd seen only in the rodeo. I hit the ground hard and ended up breaking my arm in thirteen places. So instead of buying a horse, I spent 2 weeks in the hospital.

I did find a horse later that summer. She was a beautiful dappled gray Tennessee Walker, named Nelly.

Whenever I hear the wind roar I think of that day with the tire and the bucking fury. So with that in mind I took my palate knife and paint brushes and remembered the emotion and put it on canvas.

Media: Mixed Media - Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Charcoal on stretched canvas
Size: 20 in X 16 in (50.8 cm X 40.6 cm)

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