Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Newfoundland Dog in Profile- Newfie Art Painting

Newfoundland Dog - Newfie Art Painting
Newfoundland Dog - Newfie Art Painting , painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
The Newfoundland are big dogs with large hearts. Whenever someone tells me about their Newfoundland there is always a catch of breath as if to say - "How can I say this. How can I explain a Newfie?" It's as if they are a loss for words to describe the connection and the depth of their relationship with a Newfie. At a loss for words they simply say: "Well, this is a very special dog, a very special dog."

I painted the Newfie in almost a monochromatic color scheme. Somehow it was important to just let the Newfie shape own the canvas. The two splashes of red a a subtle indication that there is much more beneath the surface, much like the Newfie personality. The paint is very thick. You may not be able to see on your computer screen but the paint strokes through out the painting are a repetition of the sense of the Newfie fur.

Media: Mixed Media - Acrylic, Ink, Oil
Size: 14 in X 11 in (35.6 cm X 27.9 cm)

How to Purchase:
send me an email

My 11X14 paintings usually sell between $150 and $250. Send me your offer. All offers will be considered.

The reason behind my pricing is that I want my paintings to go to the people who love them regardless of how much they can afford.

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