Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thunder on the Praire - Contemporary, Buffalo, Bison, Herd, Painting, Art, Montana Artist, Chauvet

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Thunder on the Praire - Contemporary Montana Buffalo, Bison Herd Painting
Thunder on the Praire - Contemporary Montana Buffalo, Bison Herd Painting, painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
Although the computer image appears small the painting is large, unframed it is 12 X 36 inches. The distinctive bison shapes form a mass as the large bull charges across the prairie. The painting was inspired after being caught in a Bison herd at Yellowstone park. Luckily I was in a pickup truck as the huge Bull charged by, chasing the herd across the road. The earth actually shook as they thundered snorting and grunting within inches of my window. The hair on my arms stood up and I was speechless. I could image why the cave people adorned their walls with art of the Bison trying to capture the awe inspiring, primitive power they have. The painting style is reminiscent of the Chauvet Caves in France. I felt this style was the only way to capture the primitive power of the Bison herd.

Media: Mixed Media: Metalic Acrylic, Charcoal, Ink
Size: 36 in X 12 in (91.4 cm X 30.5 cm)

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