Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Curled up Welsh - Welsh Terrier Art, Dog Paintings by Montana Aritst SJ Merwin

It's been so enjoyable creating Welsh Terrier art using my little Welshie as the model. I'd had three Welsh Terriers in my life and each has had such a unique personality, but all have been true to the breed. Intensely driven to do their job of dispatching predators and not very interested in taking direction from humans. In fact all three Welshies have loved humans and think they are great to play with. Play is the goal for Welshies if no rodents need to be attended to.

When training my Welshies I've frequently ended up in classes with herding dogs. In one such class all the herding dogs were looking to their humans for their next command as my little Welsh tried to crawl under a large chest. He was able to get his head under the structure so that meant he could get his body under it and when he finally emerged he carried a mouse which he dropped triumphantly at my feet. He had done his job!! Now he was ready to play and take a rest.

The 8 X 8 inch watercolor painting shows a common resting position: all curled up. Please email me if you are interested in Welshies or interested in "Curled up Welsh"
Contact Me  - This painting is sold.  

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