Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four Blue Dancers - Horse Art Painting Western Contemporary

Four Blue Dancers - Horse Art Painting Western Contemporary

Creativity and ingenuity are often described as being able to take individual items mixed them together and come up with something new. In this case I've taken four of my recently completed Blue Dancer paintings and arranged them together. Where one painting gave an impression of motion, four paintings offer a dynamic look at the movement of horses. Horses are rarely still. They move about grazing and moving every few seconds. I realized this when I started sketching horses and would do 2 minute sketches during which time they would have moved three or four times

My muse has been enjoying creating the Blue Dancers. Did you know that people at one time thought that muses lived in the walls of your house (kind of like a house elf), All an artist had to do was show up and work and they rest was left to the muse. That way artists never took credit for anything and it kept their egos in check as they had to remain humble or the muse wouldn't show up.

About This Painting:
The Four Blue Dancer paintings arranged together create a new image that shows the energy of movement. The three 8x8 inch painting next to the 16 X 20 make a large painting that can cover a wall.
Media: Mixed Media: ink, Acrylic on canvas
Size: 34 in X 28 in (86.4 cm X 71.1 cm)
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