Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Triptych Blue Dancers Horse Art Painting Montana Aritst

Triptych Blue Dancers Horse Art Painting Montana Aritst
About This Painting:

The Triptych above can be arranged in different ways.

The Blue Dancer Triptych combines three paintings into one. Artists often paint series of paintings to show their style, consistency and depth. An artist's style is like a finger print. Although some may copy the style, only the artist can consistently produce the same signature over and over in a consistent manner which uniquely belongs to her.

An artist must be able to show almost paradoxically that they can consistently create the same and yet uniquely different aspects of a subject in the same style. This shows a depth of understanding and awareness that an artist needs to know their own signature or style. The artist style is also called the "voice" of the artist. Some think this voice is a combination of the style and the medium. It is possible to see my style come through in any type of media I use. Look at the pencil drawings or the paintings and you will find the same unique lost and found edges, the looseness of line and the gesture of form that comes from spontaneously creating from a blank canvas or paper without any under drawing.

Creating without an under drawing comes from my training. My art mentor required that I draw 6-8 hours a day until my hand became my eye. Through the discipline of drawing this way for hours and years I can now create without any under drawing and this allows a spontaneity to emerge in my style.

Media: Mixed Media: Ink, Acrylic on canvas
Size: 8 in X 24 in (20.3 cm X 61 cm)
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