Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cedarwax Wing and Connections to Nature
"Cedar Waxwing - A Celebration of Connection" Bird Art Drawing Colored Pencil Original Miniature
About This Painting:
This exquisite drawing is one of the ways I connect with nature. Taking a few colored pencils and sitting very quietly allows me to see, sense and connect with the life around me.
Media: Colored Pencil
Size: 3.5 in X 4.5 in (8.9 cm X 11.4 cm)
Price: $60 USD
How to Purchase:
More about our connectedness ..... Nietzsche spoke of his concern of humankind's alienation or lack of connection as four fold: alienation from self, alienation from others, alienations from nature and alienation from the God and the spiritual. Alienation is a lack of connection. This lack of connection can be corrected in some of the simplest ways. Stopping and looking at the birds, smelling the flowers, listening to someone story of pain, writing in a journal - all these simple things bring us to re connect with the world. This little drawing is one of the ways I connect with nature. By seeing, hearing, and drawing the Cedar Wax wing I connect with nature. By viewing the drawing I hope you connect for a moment too. Just a side note, it was Nietzsche who said "That which does not kill you makes us stronger;"

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