Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Airedale Abstract in Silhouette and Light

Abstract Airedale In Silhouette and Light, Terrier Dog Art Painting by Montana Artist
About This Painting:
Turquoise, blue, green, orange and burnt sienna are the colors that appear in this charming Airedale painting that tells a story.

I love works of art that create a story for the viewer. So far I've had patrons tell me that the older wiser 'Dale is helping the young pup, that this is a 'Dale and a Welsh who are connected to each other, that the younger dog is shy and the larger dog is protecting him.... what do you see?

The painting is very unique with thick paint and the inner images are created sgraffito - an Italian word that means to scratch. Sgraffito was very popular during the Renaissance.

Media: Mixed: Acrylic and Ink on Canvas panel
Size: 9 in X 12 in (22.9 cm X 30.5 cm)
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