Monday, October 29, 2012

Blue Dancer Horse, Equine, paintings by Montana Artist, SJ Merwin

Blue Dancer Forum Diptych - Equine, horse, painting, Montana Western Art
About This Painting:
I grew up in Montana riding horses and I had three equines; a Tennessee Walker, an Arabian and a large Shetland. My love of Montana, horses and the movement of the land and the horses all come together in this piece.  Three horses on two canvases create a large dynamic piece. The thumbnail photo below shows the colors and texture. To see the full painting click the contact button at the website
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 32 in X 20 in (81.3 cm X 50.8 cm)
How to Purchase:

This is a thumbnail of Blue Dancer Forum Diptych.  Diptych refers to the two paintings or canvases making up one canvas.  You can see the line from the two canvases next to the right horses left ear.  My paintings are now password protected at  To see the total western contemporary painting just click on the contact button.  This password protected site protects the original images from copyists so that my customers continue to own original images and designs.

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