Saturday, March 05, 2016

This is a Welsh Terrier, No He's Not a Doodle, Dog Art Painting by SJ Merwin

"This is a Welsh Terrier, No He Is Not A Doodle"  dog art painting
About This Painting:
Recently a woman insisted that my Welsh Terrier was a Doodle.  So the Welsh Terrier Dog painting is in response to our conversation.  See the whole conversation at my blog.  
Media: Mixed
Size: 10 in X 8 in (25.4 cm X 20.3 cm)
How to Purchase:

I was sitting in my car with my Welsh Terrier on my lap and my window open.  A woman stops and asks "Is he a doodle?"

 I say "No he's a Welsh Terrier"

She looks puzzled and asks, "Are you sure he's not a doodle?"

I say "No, he's not a Doodle, he is a Welsh Terrier."

"Is that a new breed," she asks.

"No, it's one of the oldest known breeds coming from the black and tan." I answer.

 "Hmmmm, are you sure that this is a breed?"

"Yes, very, very, very sure" I answer.

"Well, I guess I don't know anything about Welsh Terriers, but he sure looks like a doodle" she says as she strolls off.  

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