Thursday, June 02, 2016

Endangered Series #1 - Harambe, Silverback Gorilla by SJ Merwin Art, painting, animals

Title:  Endangered #1 ~ Harambe
Size: 16 X 20 inches on stretched canvas

Harambe was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo because a 4 year old climbed into his habitat.  There are less than 175,000 lowland Gorillas left in the world.  Endangered means that there is a great probability that we will lose the whole species of lowland gorilla as the genetic heritage of such a small population may not be viable in the long run.  Losing Harambe may have been a blow to the survival of the entire population of Lowland Gorilla.

Compare the small number of lowland Gorilla's under 175,000 to the increasing over population of humans which now numbers over 700,000,000,000 and will reach 10 Billion that's 10,000,000,000 in 24 years.  The number of humans with their need for food, water and resources is crowding out the other species of the earth.  A great article on human population is here.  It originally appeared in Psychology Today.

This is the first of a series of paintings of the endangered animals we are losing.  This series of paintings is a tribute to their spirits and, yes, to their souls.  Although many humans think the world was created only for them to plunder, the world also belongs to the animals who make their home here.    If you are interested in this painting or others that I have created send me an email.  To Send an Email Cllck Here

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