Sunday, June 05, 2016

Endangered Baby La Plata Dolphin Painting Art Large Sj Merwin

Endangered Series #3
Title:  Baby La Plata Dolphin 
Size: 16 X 20 on Stretched canvas

The baby dolphin died because people plucked her from the water so they could take selfies.  It happened in February 2016,  when a young dolphin died on the beach of Santa Teresita, after it was passed around so that that a large crowd of people could take selfies with it.

The La Plata dolphin is also called the Franciscan Dolphin. The unique characteristic of this dolphin is the proportion of its beak to the rest of the body.  It has the largest beak in proportion to body size of any crustacean.  If you are interested in this painting or some of my other paintings email me here

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